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Im Dawn im 29 years old so will be hitting the big 30 this year. I have one daughter who is 4....of whom i love to bits however since her birth ive put on weight,lost muscle tone and become generally unfit. I knew I needed to do something but what?? The thought of a gym petrified me....people watching,laughing, sniggering nope not for me thank you! 
Then I heard about Gem & Phil at the PT Suite well let me tell you how they transformed my body and my confidence!!.
Working out one on one in a private log cabin was perfect setting for me to feel relaxed yet pushed to my limits enough so to imediatley start seeing fab results in weeks!! Alongside training I was introduced to herbalife a nutrious shake/eating plan. This I must admit ive not stuck too religiously but my god im so pleased with my results so far!! 

Gem & Phil are a great couple always encouraging and best of all down to earth....they know the pitfalls and the excuses and all the rest of it and they are always positive...Driving you to your goal weight and body!!

My confidence has grown my waist size has shrunk I could not be happier....

After loosing 10lbs and loads of inches all over my body I can tell the difference & its great to get compliments of friends and strangers...THANK YOU guys its all down to your help and dedication that im doing so well and I will continue to join you three times a week for half an hour of intense trainning to keep me heading towards my goal and beyond :))

Dont put it off till tommorrow like I used to....contact the PT suite and start that journey today!! 
See & feel the difference :) 

Dawn xx

After having my 2nd child I felt more than unfit and unhappy with my figure post pregnancy.

My friend has transformed herself going to the PT Suite and Gemma and Phil came highly recommended. I was unconfident and didn't know what to expect, as I had not exercised properly for at least 3 years and 2 kids had really taken it's toll on my body! I was cons...tantly tired and had no motivation when I started and now after just 3 months I feel like a different person!

I am full of energy, I have already lost inches and pounds, I feel confident and more importantly I really enjoy training!

Gemma and Phil have made me feel more than welcome and have tailored my work outs to my needs. I'm a mum with 2 very young kids, I work and my lifestyle is very hectic, but I still find the time to work out at the PT Suite and more importantly I really want to! I have goals and targets and I'm sure with the help of Gemma and Phil I will reach them!

Thanks guys! Clare

Gemma Hallatt-Howard and Phil Howard

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