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Anything is the answer I vary each workout so it’s different to keep your body achieving your goals. If you do the same workout week in week out your body uses a process called adaptation, it knows what’s coming next therefore your results start to drop off & you don’t see any further progressions. It’s really important to keep mixing up the sort of training you do to keep your body guessing & the results to the maximumPersonal Training
What to expect in a personal training session: On the 1st session we will sit down & talk about your goals, previous background training, medical history & injuries. I will devise a weekly plan & then I will take your measurements along with weight, body fat, muscle mass & water levels. This gives me a base to focus our sessions on. Then we do a taster workout to give you a feel for what sort of exercise is to come over the course of your personal training.
In a session I will do a variety of training techniques & use lots of different equipment depending on your goals.


Captain America actor, Chris Evens, gets superhero fit with TRX Suspension Training.

Following in the footsteps of many stars, including most recently, Louise Redknapp and Bar Rafaeli. The fresh face to the silver screen knew he needed something great to get him in the best shape of his life

We can do:
TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING: owes its roots and on-going drive to the US Navy SEAL Teams – the world’s finest commandos who are professional athletes of the most serious kind. Development of the TRX® Suspension Trainer® began among these ranks as an invention of necessity they used the TRX In wharf-side warehouses, urban safe-houses, on ships and inside submarines. It can be used for a whole body workout utilizing every core muscle and is an effective way of increasing muscle mass & decreasing body fat. This is a brilliant piece of workout equipment. So simple to set up and so easy use. No matter what fitness level you’re at, TRX will kick your butt, I love it!

KETTLEBELL'S: Imagine a black bowling ball with a suitcase handle on it and you have an idea of what a kettlebell looks like. KettlebellsA kettlebell is a big hunk of iron that comes in several sizes. You can do standard weight training exercises with kettlebells such as: bench presses, curls, and rows. However, the unique value of kettlebells is derived from ballistic (fast exercise) work such as: snatches, swings, cleans, and jerks. In addition, to giving your incredible muscular endurance when done in high repetitions, with a proper nutrition plan any excess fat that you have will melt off rapidly. Ballistic exercises are not the only exercises that you can benefit from, kettlebell exercises such as: the Turkish get-up, Bent Press, and Windmill will develop a rock-hard midsection and increase shoulder flexibility and stability. As a result many chiropractors are using kettlebells with their patients for rehab. You may be thinking that you could do these exercises with dumbbells. While this is true, anyone that has used both will tell you that kettlebells are much harder to handle and yes in this case, harder is much better.

Kettlebell handles are much thicker than dumbbells and will give you a vice grip in no time. Also, the off centered weight of a kettlebell will force you to use more stabilizer muscles and work the targeted muscles through a longer range of motion. Busy people want the biggest bang for the buck. Kettlebells can be the solution to trying to squeeze cardio, strength AND flexibility training in an already overbooked schedule. Because of the intensive nature, the workout duration must be kept short. Fat gets the ol’ one-two-three punch. First, there is the extremely high metabolic cost of throwing the weight around. Second, it’s a strength training workout creating dense muscle mass, which burns calories from fat stores all day long while increasing your resting metabolism. Finally, combine that with the fat burning effects of human growth hormone that is stimulated by these kinds of whole-body, complex movements. There is no better way to burn fat.

Whether you use it to lose weight, tone your muscles or strengthen your core, the FLEXI-BAR® is unbeatable for its Flexibareffectiveness. Because FLEXI-BAR® utilises vibration training to work the deep muscles of the core, you can expect to feel dramatic results, FAST! If you are recovering from an injury, training for a performance sport, or just interested in improving your fitness, FLEXI-BAR® should be your No. 1 choice. The versatility of the FLEXI-BAR® provides you with hundreds of exercises which allows you to target any body part you'd like to improve. It's a fantastic tool used by everyone to improve general fitness as well as very specific areas, including weightloss, mobility problems, sports training, injury rehabilitaion, back care and core training. FLEXI-BAR® can also be used to increase your overall muscle tone and strength. It's the most versatile piece of training equipment you will ever own, and the results you achieve will be faster than with conventional muscle methods of training.Boxing

Its boxing training exclusively accredited by the British boxing board of control. It gives you the opportunity to work one on one with me on the focus pads, no experience necessary. Fantastic for TONING, SHAPE & WEIGHT LOSS. Most importantly it’s a fun & varied workout.

WEIGHTS: Cardiovascular exercise on machines such as treadmills and exercise bikes burns more calories Weightsthan lifting weights, so is it just a waste of gym time to add strength training to your workout? The simple answer is no. Working your muscles as well as your heart and lungs can improve your health and help you drop a clothes size faster.
"I only exercise to lose weight and get thinner. I can burn far more calories doing light cardiovascular work than heavy lifting, shouldn't I just stick to the treadmill?”

While cardiovascular exercise is a great way of burning the fat, adding a little strength training to your workouts will earn you extra calories every day. You'll even be burning extra calories while you're sleeping or sitting on the couch watching Eastenders.
Aerobic exercise may burn a few hundred extra calories for dinner, but for every additional pound of muscle you gain, your body burns around 50 extra calories every day of the week.
Research has shown that regular resistance training can increase your Basal Metabolic Rate by up to 15%. So for someone burning 2000 calories per day, that's a potential 300 extra calories, more than a Mars bar, burned every single day.
Do not be disheartened if initially you seem to be staying at the same weight or gaining slightly.
Muscle weighs more per square inch than fat, so whilst your weight might not be dropping very quickly, your clothes are feeling baggier and you are seeing a healthier, slimmer and better toned you in the mirror. That's far more important than anything those nasty scales have to say, any time.
Weight training is just as suitable for women as it is for men. Many women are wary of taking it up for fear that increased muscle means increased masculinity, this is not the case.
Testosterone is a very important factor in the development of muscle shape, so as women have very low levels of this hormone their muscles develop differently, meaning a little resistance training will not lead to a bulky, butch physique.
Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments are much more capable of withstanding stress, and the improved flexibility gained by strength training also reduces the likelihood of pulled muscles and back pain.

Sandbag exercises have NO weight through the handle meaning the weight distribution is further away from the place you hold the weight. This makes Sandbag exercises feel heavier than any other implement and offers you the ability to create some pretty dynamic Ultimate Sandbag exercises where the weight can move in very unique patterns.Sandbags
One of my favorite aspects of Sandbag exercises is the fact we can train any one or all planes of motion at once! Most fitness implements work only well in the sagittal plane & Frontal plane, sandbags like kettlebells can be very effective in the transverse plane (i.e rotational) great for prevent injuries whilst doing everyday activities such as bending down, twisting etc.

Its great for burning off the body fat but at the same time increasing your fitness levels & develops strength & muscle!

Functional training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body forFunctional Training the activities performed in daily life. Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation.  Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries

LANDMINES: Practically every landmine exercise
I use with my athletes targets their core muscles. The core essentially serves as an absorberLandmines and transmitter of muscular force. The core muscles work together to provide stability, and they play an important role in explosive multiplanar movements on the field or on the court.

A good landmine exercise engages each core muscle. Exercises should include both movement resistance (anti-flexion, anti-extension, anti-lateral flexion and anti-rotation) and movement generation (flexion, lateral flexion and rotational).

HYDRO BALL: Hydro balls are a water-filled, unstable training tool. Designed to provide the ultimate hydro ballunstable training challenge, shall challenge every muscle in your body, whilst demanding the upmost in concentration. Do not worry about the hydro ball damaging your floor, the air cushion absorbs impact.


Hydro Bag
HYDRO BAG: Excellent, unstable training tool forces you to use all of your core strength to stabalise the water filled bag.

BUNGEES: BungeeYou may have seen this piece of equipment being used for resisted sprint training, however it’s far more versatile than you may first think. As human beings functioning in everyday life, the vast majority of what we do is accelerating and decelerating in multiple planes of motion, be it taking the shopping out of the car (accelerating) and putting it on the floor (decelerating), or running up the stairs (accelerating) and stopping at the top (decelerating) the examples are endless.
The Bungee Harness comes with multiple bungees to vary the resistance used and it must be anchored to a fixed point at one end.  The Bungee Harness is a great way to train acceleration and deceleration and also load muscles in a different way than what they may be used to

REPS: FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: is training for a purpose, knowing the WHY behind your actions, sets, reps, load, tempo, exercise selection, rest period etc. Anyone can grab a pair of dumbbells and see some immediate results doing a random program or 3 sets of 10, but this will only work initially.   Instead, people could experiment with different rep ranges and maintain their rate of progress.

MACE: Looking for a new workout? How about one that was used by Hindu warriors over 2,000 years ago and still used by Pehlwani wrestlers today?

The gada, or heavy mace, was the weapon of choice of Hindu soldiers as well as the Hindu deityHanuman, an anthropomorphic monkey who can lift mountains with a single hand.

Used widely by MMA fighters to increase grip strength, rotational and explosive strength.

Incredible core workout, Great all round functional training

Battling RopesBATTLING ROPES: Tug of War Rhythmic Resistance Exercise Resistive exercise- Jumping high intensive training aerobic & strength workout great for shaping the upper body whilst using the legs & core to stabalize



Tornado BallTORNADO BALL: The Ultimate Rotational Speed and Power Developer


Every session will be different keeping your body achieving maximum results!
Session lengths can be tailored to suit your lifestyle & budget, from 30 minutes to 1 hour sessions.
You can also train with friends & split the cost between you (no extra cost for 1, 2 or 3 people)

Give us a call to chat about your potential future with
Gemma & Phil's training in The Personal Training Suite log cabin.



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Tornado Medicine Ball Battling Rope Bungee Landmine Hydro Ball
Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training
Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training
Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training
Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training
Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training  
PT Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer
Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer
Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma & Phil
Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma Hallat Howard - Personal Trainer Gemma & Phil
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