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Hi there, My name is Gemma Hallatt-Howard,

I work from my personal training suite log cabin at home, you will also find me outside running boot camp or
in a studio teaching a range of classes.

I’m happiest when I’m helping others sweat, cry, laugh and most importantly achieve their goals.

With the hard work also comes the fun so in my sessions expect the unexpected & you will do just fine.
Watch out for my legendary Drop A Waist Size Challenge which has seen some phenomenal results over
the last few years.

Weight loss/weight management, flexi bar (as used by Colleen Rooney), outbox boxing training, yoga, Pilates, kettlebells,
insanity training (the biggest growing phenomenon to hit the USA), trx suspension training (used on the biggest loser & seen
in men’s health magazine) & weights all of which can be used to improve your body shape, fitness, stamina, weight control,
speed & agility.

I work with clients to improve postural imbalances to enhance their performance ranging from beginners to athletes.

I am also qualified in Massage, Sports, Swedish & G5 cellulite massage.

Having worked in a gym from 17, 2003 saw me go to work at sea on board Holland America Cruise ships.

Returning in 2004 as a Gym Manager.

2005 took me to work out in Australia experiencing the true Aussie lifestyle of fitness on the beach, you can blame this for the
boot camp & circuits we do today!

After starting my own Personal Training business in October 2006 I’ve never looked back. With 12 years’ experience in the fitness
industry the step to my own business has been my best move yet.

Corrective ExerciseI am a partner in “Corrective Movement Solutions” and over the past 3 years have worked alongside British Superbike rider’s,
preparing them for the track using corrective exercise strategies, core, balance, yoga & Swedish/Sports Massage.
This was due to a successful year in 2009 with Billy McConnell who finished 2nd in the championship (9 places higher than
the previous year) 2010 I worked with James Ellison, Gary Mason, Steve Brogan, Graeme Gowland, Glen Richards
to name a few.James Ellison

2011 saw me working again with James Ellison when he returned half way through the season to help out a team in the British Superbikes whilst also running in the world supersport championship.

I worked closely with Greame Gowland seeing him between 4-8 times a race weekend, it definatley helped him put a none factory bike right at the top of the field with the factory runners.

Other riders who came to me for massage during 2011 were Glen Richards, Gary Johnson (TT rider) Richard Cooper, Billy McConnell & i even had the honour of massaging the legend Troy Bayliss in his huge spectacular motorome.
2012 now sees me working more exclusively with Greame Gowland really working on specific tightnesses during eash race session, returning again this year for massage is Glen Richards, Gary Mason, Billy McConnel, Richard Cooper & ive even helped Luca Sccasser the new rider to the BSB this year when he had a puncture which lead to massive arm pump so we worked on releasing the tension.

So all in all 2012 has started out fantastic, here's to more to come.

James Ellison suffered a compound fracture to his femur, 2 rounds into the season. He was told he wouldn’t ride again in 2010 & finished 7th overall. Check out my testimonial’s to read his review. This year is proving to be very successful I’m currently working with Graeme Gowland, Gary Johnson, Glen Richards & James Ellison, I also featured in my first film in March 2011 “ISUPERBIKER”. In the film I am massaging James Ellison 5 weeks after his break to enable him to ride again!


Level 3 Corrective Exercise Specialist
Level 3 International Certified Personal Trainer
Level 2 YMCA Fitness Instructor
Level 2 YMCA Exercise to Music Instructor
Kettlebell Trainer
Outbox Boxing Trainer
Flexi Bar Trainer
Ex Les Mills Body Combat Instructor
Ex Les Mills Body Attack Instructor
LWT Weight Management & Zone Nutrition
First Aid at work
Sports Massage
Swedish Massage
G5 Cellulite Massage
Xen Tan Spray Tan
Functional Trainer

Gemma Hallatt-Howard and Phil Howard

Spray Tans


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