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James Ellison

James EllisonI have been a professional motorcycle racer now for the last 9 years and competed in racing for 16 years.

I have used many different physiotherapists for the various injuries I have picked up along the way so I have a fair idea of when I find a good one.

This season was my most difficult yet as I crashed at the second round of the British Superbikes, picking up a compound fracture of my Femur.

I thought my season was over as I lay there on the grass and the next few days in hospital proved very difficult for me both physically and mentally.

I was bike racing again 5 weeks after the crash so as you can imagine I was still in alot of pain and very uncomfortable on the bike, but after every session I made sure that I had treatment from Gemma to relax the muscles I had abused out on track and manipulate my leg, hips and back into line as I was compensating for the lack of strength in the injured leg.

James EllisonWithout this treatment for sure I would not have been able to get back out on the bike each time.
I remember when I forgot to go for treatment one day and was in tremendous pain by the next morning, only then did I realise how important the work Gemma was doing really was.

I was treated twice a day for the 4 days spent at the races and given exercises to do inbetween race meetings to build strength, improve mobility and promote healing (which I stuck to religiously) 

After only a couple of race meetings back from injury I had enough strength and movement in my leg to enable me to be back at the sharp end and even winning races by the end of the season.

I know none of that would have been possible without the hard work and knowlage of Gemma, her treatments were pricless and I would strongly recomend her to anyone who is serious about getting/staying in top shape.   

James Ellison


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